Strategic Plan (2021 - 2024)

Read the full 2021-2024 Strategic Plan here.


The AFP Golden Gate Chapter (AFP-GG) has been serving non-profit development professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area for 50 years. With a diverse constituency of more than 350 members, the chapter is one of the largest in the United States. In recent years it has consistently achieved the Ten Star Gold Award and the IDEA Champion designations from the global AFP organization.

The mission of AFP Golden Gate is to promote philanthropy and support the effective and ethical work of the diverse community of Bay Area fundraising professionals.

Our 30-member voluntary board of directors is highly engaged in all facets of the chapter and works with an administrative team to deliver a wide range of professional development and educational opportunities to its members. The chapter is best known in the Bay Area philanthropic community for hosting an annual National Philanthropy Day program where leaders in the non-profit community are honored for their impact.

As a chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals International (AFPI), AFP-GG aligns with the vision, mission, and guiding principles of APFI:

AFPI Vision:

To stimulate a world of generosity and positive social good through fundraising best practice.

AFPI Mission:

The Association of Fundraising Professionals empowers individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research and advocacy. AFPI Guiding Principles:

Ethics and Trust. As champions of ethical fundraising, fundraising professionals work to increase public trust in charitable giving. We are accountable to donors and their organizations to perform to the highest standards. We practice courage and integrity in the stewardship of private and public resources.

Professional Preparation. Fundraising professionals are prepared to serve as leaders and mentors within and on behalf of our organizations. We embrace continuing education and credentialing as pathways to advance in all stages of our professional careers. We use knowledge and skills to strengthen our organizations and communities. We understand, promote and share best practices to use and grow the fundraising body of knowledge.

Advancing Philanthropy. Fundraising professionals are leaders in developing a culture of philanthropy within our organizations and communities. We train staff, boards and volunteers in ethical and effective fundraising practices. We work across organizations and nations to advance positive social good.

Inclusivity. Fundraising professionals reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We work to address the needs of a diverse society. We welcome and support a diversity of individuals and offer pathways for them to succeed.

Partnership and Collaboration. Fundraising professionals are trusted partners with donors in achieving social good. We collaborate locally and globally with other organizations around shared priorities. We work effectively with decision makers in government and business to achieve shared objectives through philanthropy.

Creativity and Innovation. Fundraising professionals stimulate giving through innovative practices and solutions. We imagine and research new ways to connect with donors and achieve results. We share effective ideas and techniques to promote success across the philanthropic sector.

Read the full 2021-2024 Strategic Plan here.