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IDEA Committee

Chairs: Gayle Roberts & Stuti Ghoshal

Champion Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access
As part of the IDEA Committee, you will play a pivotal role in promoting core values of inclusion and diversity within our community. Committee members are instrumental in developing and managing the IDEA Fellowship program. Your efforts will directly contribute to interviewing and selecting new cohorts each year, and designing impactful programs and events. Through this committee's work, fellows from underrepresented communities in fundraising gain access to invaluable resources and growth opportunities.

Learn more about the IDEA Fellowship Program.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Chairs: Dena Vongchanh, Marisol Terrazas & Matthew Easterwood

Drive Our Brand and Reach
As the creative force behind our chapter's brand, this committee plays a crucial role in strategizing and guiding content creation across various platforms. Your work will include promoting the activities and achievements of all other committees, such as the Program Committee's workshops, webinars, and events. You'll also have a key role in marketing National Philanthropy Day, generating engaging content for our blog, and boosting visibility for application drives for both the Mentor Program and the IDEA Program. By managing social media posts, email marketing, and website content, you'll ensure our message reaches and resonates with a wide audience.

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Membership Committee

Chairs: Jocelyn Wicker & Andrew Shaffer

Become the Heart of Our Community
As a vital part of one of the largest AFP chapters in the world, with over 400 members, the Membership Committee focuses on fostering connections, member retention, and growth. In addition to organizing the annual member party and offering scholarships for accessibility, this committee is responsible for the innovative “Constellations” program.

About Constellations:
AFP Golden Gate's "Constellations" is a program designed to create affinity groups for local fundraisers and consultants, helping reduce isolation and connect members with their peers. These groups are diverse and can be based on various affinities such as geography, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexuality, organization type, or sector. They offer an array of formats from discussion groups to support networks, and are open to all fundraisers and consultants, with or without AFP membership.

Learn more about Constellations. 

Mentor Program Team

Chairs: David Madson & Jessica Jencek

Shape Tomorrow's Leaders
Connect fundraising professionals with mentees eager to learn and grow. Facilitate monthly mentor-mentee meetings to foster professional development and personal growth.

Learn more about the Mentor Program.

National Philanthropy Day Committee

Chairs: Adam-Michael Royston & Niquole Esters

Celebrate Community Changemakers
Organize an annual event to celebrate the spirit of philanthropy. Engage in subcommittees for nominations and selections, creating memorable experiences and honoring excellence in the field.

Learn more about National Philanthropy.

Program Committee

Chairs: Vicente Montoya and Marci Atkison

Share Knowledge, Inspire Excellence
Do you want to help shape workshops and in-person learning events that empower fundraising professionals to learn, grow, and network together? Join the Program Committee to plan and produce professional events. Your role will be crucial in creating opportunities for our community to engage, share knowledge, and foster professional growth.

Check out our upcoming programs, workshops, and webinars.

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