Letter of Solidarity with Those Harmed by the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter

Over the past several months, you may have heard grievances raised against board members of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter, particularly with its leadership. 

Nneka Allen, CFRE - editor of Collecting Courage, a scholar and activist- along with several of her colleagues on the Board (including Olumide “Mide” Akerewusi and Muthoní Karíukí) have been sounding the alarm for some time without any resolution.

The story of AFP GTC is not simple, but the throughline is clear: White board leadership routinely dismissed, discounted, disempowered, and used board members of color against one another. 

A petition was created to strip AFP GTC of its Ten Star status, partially earned for demonstrating a commitment to the principles of IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, access). AFP members in chapters all over North America and beyond canceled their memberships in protest. Some people went so far as to remove AFP Global from their estate plans.

Ultimately, the entire AFP GTC board stepped down, requiring AFP Global to step in to hold the chapter together until a new board could be voted in. AFP Global Board Chair, Birgitte Burton, appointed Mide Akerewusi as the new AFP GTC Board President, allowing for a new era to begin for the chapter.

We don’t share this story to point fingers or to hold ourselves apart from AFP GTC. We share it to urge members of AFP GG to hold us accountable for our commitment to IDEA and to our promise that we will continue to progress, learn, and listen. Our board looks a lot more diverse than it used to, but we know the work is ongoing.

Whose voice isn’t being heard? Whose leadership are we missing? Keep an eye on our messaging, our programming, our priorities. And let us know how we can do better.

Thank you to those who speak out - even when it comes at huge personal costs or when voicing a grievance seems like it will fall on deaf ears. Thank you to our members for expressing concern and urging us to continuously be better. We are here because of you and work hard to make this chapter an inclusive, welcome place. Please communicate with me directly or with any of our other Board members if you ever feel otherwise.


With you,

Kelley Coe
AFP Golden Gate

Lucy Porras
AFP Golden Gate President-Elect

Esther Landau
AFP Golden Gate Immediate Past President