AFP Golden Gate Live Webinar Series  AFP Golden Gate Live Webinars

Direct from AFP Global
Live Webinars are free events showing broadcasts curated by AFP Global. Gather in one of the venues with other colleagues. Watch the live broadcast from 10:00-11:00AM, then engage in a peer-to-peer conversation. Earns 1.0 CFRE Credits.

2020 Series TBA

2019 Series

Register in advance at the location of your choice so you receive handouts, etc.

EBCF = East Bay Community Foundation James Irvine Conference Center, Oakland
SIP = Sanford Institute of Philanthropy, JFK University, Pleasanton
FCW = Foundation Center West, San Francisco

February 13
Happy Donors - Keeping and Finding the Best Donors
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Wayne Olson, Author of The Disney Difference

March 13
20th Century Grant Applications
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Diane Gedeon-Marin, The Write Source, Fundraising School Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

April 17
How to Have a Successful Fundraising Campaign in Today's Hyper Busy World
Locations: EBCF, SIP, FCW
Presenter: Andrea Kihlstedt, Fundraising School Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

May 8
Financial Lliteracy: What Every Fundraising Professional Needs to Know
Locations: EBCF, SIP, FCW
Presenter: Amy Wolfe, Present and CEO of AgSafe

June 12
Giving Shifts: How Networks are Catalyzing Change
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: LaTanya Flix, Cause Advance LLC

July 10
The Art and Science of Effective Gift Acknowledgement
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Steven Shattuck, Launch Cause

August 14
Simple Secrets to Successful Nonprofit Events
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: A.J. Steinberg, Masquerade Events & Queen Bee Fundraising

September 25
Speak! What to Say (and Not to Say) and How to Say It
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Beth Wolfer, Coach of 50+ TEDx Salt Lake City Speakers

October 30
The State of Online Fundraising 2019
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Mike Snusz, Blackbaud Professional Services

November 20
Multi-Channel Storytelling to Amp Up Your Fundraising & Other Campaigns
Locations: EBCF, SIP
Presenter: Alizah Epstein, Epstein Creative Group