Constellation Cohorts

AFP Golden Gate is the largest chapter in California. With 337 members, it’s easy to feel pretty small and disconnected. In an effort to help members find “their people” and reduce isolation, we are launching a pilot program, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. We’re calling these groups Constellations (thanks for the idea, Paul Ocampo!), and they are affinity groups for local fundraisers and consultants.
To get things started, we will launch three Constellations this spring:
  1.  Asian-American Fundraisers & Consultants - Convener: Kelley Coe
  2. Fundraisers & Consultants in Marin/Wine Country - Convener: Elizabeth Warner
  3. Social Services Fundraisers & Consultants - Convener: Esther Landau
Constellations can:
  • Be started by any member of AFP Golden Gate
  • Be centered around any relevant affinity - geography, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexuality, organization type, or sector
  • Be discussion groups, book clubs, support groups, networking groups, places to vent about your job - whatever you collectively decide when the group is formed
Each Constellation will:
  • Run for one calendar year, with an option for renewal only if someone steps up to become (or stay) the Convener for the new year
  • Decide for itself how often, where, and in what format to meet (in person or virtual)
  • Abide by local public health guidelines (around Covid)
  • Be free to join
  • Be open to all fundraisers and consultants who self-identify with that group - no AFP membership required
  • Meet in locations or formats that are accessible to all members of the group
To get started, we need two things from all of you:
  1. Tell us if you want to join one of the three first Constellations!
    1. Email Kelley Coe at [email protected] for the Asian-American Constellation
    2. Email Liz Warner at [email protected] for the Marin Constellation
    3. Email Esther Landau at [email protected] for the Social Services Constellation
  2. Take the survey below so we can learn what kind of Constellations are most needed in the chapter. You’ll have a chance in the survey to suggest groups and volunteer to lead one.


The Emerging Professionals Constellation is for folks who have less than seven years of fundraising experience. We invite young professionals and professionals new to the field who want to join a community to ask questions, share ideas, and form a network. This space will primarily live on Slack, but we also plan to have a virtual or in-person meeting every quarter to put names to faces! If you are interested, please complete this short form, and then you will receive an invitation to join our Slack channel. For any questions, please reach out to Dena Vongchanh at [email protected].


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