Call for Nominations – AFP Golden Gate Board of Directors 2023

The call for applications/nominations for the 2023 AFP Golden Gate Chapter Board of Directors is open!
Calendar for Nominations
  • October 19 - Call for nominations
  • October 30 - Deadline for nominations and consent forms
  • November 1 - Board of Directors endorses 2023 Slate of Directors
  • November 16 - Election period begins for Chapter members
  • December 2 - Election period ends
  • December 15 - Election results published to AFP Golden Gate membership
  • January 1, 2023 - 2023 Board of Directors terms begin
Criteria for Consideration
The following criteria inform the consideration of candidates by the AFP Golden Gate Chapter Committee on Directorship:
  1. The candidate is a member in good standing of AFP Golden Gate Chapter.
  2. We strive for diversity, including geographic, ethnic, cultural, gender, size and type of organization, philanthropic sector, length of AFP membership, experience in the profession.
  3. Understanding of the Board Member Responsibilities.
  4. Completed Online Application for Board Nominees providing information about your or the candidate’s interest in serving on the AFP Golden Gate Board.
  5. Signed Nominations Consent Form affirming consent to be nominated, if you are nominating another person.
Steps to Apply or Nominate a Candidate
  1. Complete the Online Application for Board Nomineeswhether you are applying yourself or nominating another.
  2. All candidates must confirm their interest in a board term by signing the Nominations Consent Form. Note: If you are nominating someone other than yourself, that candidate must sign the Nominations Form.
  3. Submitted forms will be automatically sent to [email protected].